Trying to Escape

Hazel was taking a nap yesterday, and after a few minutes of fussing finally settled down.  I went in just to check on her and this is what I saw:

WTF?!?!!!!  She was fine!  Just smooshed against the bars with her arms and legs hanging out.  She just looked at me when I came in, smiled for a second, then just looked away.  I almost had a coronary, and she's just pleased as you can be.  Since she was ok I HAD to get a picture of this, just had to!

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7 thoughts on “Trying to Escape

  1. Your picture didn't load for a few seconds and your post title gave me quite a fright. Glad to see that she is okay, but didn't quite make the big escape that she hoped for! :)Flora still sleeps like a little lump in one place and hardly moves at all. I'm not sure how much longer that is going to last, seeing what Hazel is doing!

  2. Sorry if I scared anyone with the title! I probably should change that. When I walked in I was terrified, but she seemed ok, like she just tried to roll over and got propped up that way, so I had to laugh about it. You're right, Rich, she is SO going to give me a hard time!

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