Hazel met Santa!

Yesterday Hazel and I went to the mall for her to meet Santa!  She was quiet, not fussy at all, and looked right at the camera when it was time to take the photo.  Actually she looked at me, doing these crazy dances to try and get her to smile, like I was bananas, lol.  Those little shoes she's wearing were mine as a baby, and I think they topped off her Santa ensemble quite well.

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6 thoughts on “Hazel met Santa!

  1. Very sweet! She looks very inquisitive. Isn't it frustrating that the best smiles always happen when the camera is not around or just before or after you snap the picture?

  2. This is the sweetest picture…I remember taking ya'll to see Santa…for years 🙂
    Hazel looks cool as a cucumber, and not at all flustered by big ol' Santa!
    Great pic!
    Love Nana

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