Well I’ll be damned.

I was talking to Amos about the latest Hazel photos and what all people said about them, and he clued me in to something major.  Huge.  Epiphany-like.

I have an iMac, right?  So I have this huge screen that shows millions (literally, millions) of colors.  When I look at these new photos they look kind of blown out in the background, but Hazel herself looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.  However, when we converted the pictures to Windows, web, or basically any mode lower than my computer's standard, they look horrible.  HORRIFYING.  Splotchy, grainy, just a big fat mess.  Basically all the nuances of color my computer can show are lost, leaving big patches of one solid color.  On every photo, not just these, but especially these.  I'm not even sure I could post an example because you all might just be used to seeing really shitty photos, I don't know.  

Anyway, my point is I didn't realize that until today.  Can you trust me that those photos look a lot better to me than they probably do to you?  I'm going to work on this, because I would like everyone to see what I see.  Amos was telling me there are steps you can do so that your images show the same on every computer, but it's too technical to go into – I barely followed him, and I'm not sure I could explain it in any way that would make sense.  Does anyone else have this kind of problem, or am I the only one who was in the dark?

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4 thoughts on “Well I’ll be damned.

  1. I know it but I'm so used to working on my mac that I sometimes forget! The same problem for developing websites, a pc has a different standard fontsize than mac, and each browser handles it differently… I didn't found your pictures blown out! They're wonderfully high-key. They have that angelic feeling (but I'm probably seeing what you see on my old but trusty calibrated trinitron ;-P ) And about that certain one, I would let make a real big print of it (80x100cm) to hang somewhere in my house if she was my kid. It's really a fantastic photo! But formal pictures are just not doable for the parents IMHO. As a parent you're just too close with your child, you really need that unpersonal touch for formal portraits ^_^I see you have a flickr account, did you never wonder why some "lousy" coloured pictures get so many good comments? Images made on a mac or a professional pc are just too soft, almost boring or just too hard, loud when viewed on a non-professional screen. And firefox throws some extra weirdness in the mix, but I believe the latest update fixes that… Ah, and don't use adobeRGB 'cause it has way more colourshades inbetween than sRGB. Very good for prof. use but on the net, it just translates badly.Good luck with you new quest 😉

  2. You're talking about color spaces and it can get a little overwhelming. LOL I have the same issues which is why I hate doing online proofing for my clients. Who knows what kind of monitor they're using, and there's no telling how crappy the photos look on their uncalibrated monitors.Peggy's right…all images on the web should be sRGB in order to show the "right" colors. And don't forget that Vox and Flickr seem to do some sort of oversharpening to images once their uploaded. I have no idea why.

  3. I can't believe I didn't realize this! I know my mac screen would be "better," but I didn't realize how much or in what way. I bet you didn't see them all blown out Peggy because of your screen; my mom told me, very nicely, that she tried to print them and they were all "blank," LOL! I'm going to play around with this using the sRBG (thanks for the tip, ladies) and see what I can see. I did notice that about Flickr, but I always figured you can't argue with taste.

  4. I absolutely know what you mean. This happens why I try to show people things who have pc's. My roommate was looking at my photos on his laptop and I was like "NO!!!! That is NOT what it looks like!"

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