Busiest Time of the Year

No matter how much you prepare for it, December is just going to be hectic!  I have one major half of my work behind me, though – all my gifts are bought, made, wrapped, and shipped!  This is a big accomplishment, especially because I tacked on a few extra made gifts right at the end there.  I just have one present left to give to a friend here and then I am DONE!  I also made, printed, & stuffed all our Christmas cards.  I still do have to get stamps and actually mail them, but that won't take long at all.  

Now I am focusing on our trip.  Our big, annual, long, Christmas trip.  Every year we fly down to either St. Louis or Alabama to visit family for Christmas.  This year we're taking it one step further and driving down to both.  Yep, we're roadtripping Griswald style!  First we hit St. Louis, then Huntsville, then back up to New York.  We figured that we had to visit both this year since it's Hazel's first Christmas, and in trying to figure out the logistics we realized that flying would make it more inconveniet.  We'd have to have three one-way tickets PER PERSON, or fly to one and rent a car to drive back and forth to the other.  Either way, flying was way more expensive than just driving, and as luck would have it the gas prices have dropped by half since we started planning this trip.  Besides, Amos and I have tons of fun on road trips…we'll see how Hazel reacts.  I actually don't think it will be all that bad, no worse than hanging out with her in the house all day listening to her cry.  The car makes her sleep, so maybe we'll get lucky and she'll just be knocked out.

Anyway I'm super excited!  I love St. Louis, and I love all the people we're going to see on this trip, and to be honest I love showing off the baby to people I love, so this is going to be a great trip all around!  I think we're going to leave a few days ahead of schedule too, which makes me both happy and anxious (to get everything done beforehand).

Here are a few random snaps of Hazel the past week.  I took some photos of her before, during, and after tummy time.

rolling over timedaddy and hazelhazeltummy time/nap timemy two crazy faces.

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