Christmas Eve

Imaginative title, I know, but things have been hectic for the past two weeks, and I have no brain cells left to dedicate to creativity.  Mommy brain + the holidays = mental spasms.

So we made it to St. Louis in only 20 hours!  We woke up at 1.30 am two Sundays ago, and by 3 we were on the thruway headed away from the snow.  We took turns sleeping and driving, with me creatively nursing the baby in the backseat (both of us still in seatbelts — figure that one out!!), and we just kept on until we got here.  I imagine we'll try for that kind of return home as well.  Hazel was a super trooper; she didn't really wake up until we hit Cleveland (7 hours), and after then she just couldn't stay awake in the car.  We sat with her and tried to comfort her as best as we could, but really how do you tell a 4-month-old that everything will be fine in just a few hours?

Our time in St. Louis has been fun but a little nuts, which I guess is just par for the course now with a baby.  We've been around, not as much as in the past, but we haven't stayed at home by any means.  I got to visit two yarn shops, which was awesome, and we hit up the Loop, different stores, all kinds of stuff.  Hazel is so attentive and focused, and she loves being around people, so she was fascinated with everything going on around her.  In the yarn shop she was amazed by the riot of color yarn brings, and in Whole Foods she seemed to really like the aromatherapy section.  Now that she's a bit older we let her touch things, smell things, and that seems to really enhance her experiences outside our house.  Of course Grandma & Grandpa Confer's house provides all kinds of different experiences for her; she is getting used to everyone's faces, I think, plus all the music here entertains her.  I guess tons of attention from 7adults doesn't hurt either!!

Today we are opening gifts & eating the holiday meal, and tomorrow is really low-key at the Confers'.  On Friday we leave for Alabama, and my family is celebrating on the 27th so that we could be there also.  Plus, as a super awesome fun special Christmas miracle, Laura and Sally are driving up to see me and Hazel, and then later in the week we get to visit Amy!!!  I'm so happy that I get to see my oldest and best friends this year.

I'm going to get downstairs, maybe have a cookie or two, and I'll write up some more gibberish later.  The holidays have really affected my brain, because this barely makes sense!  When I get back to NY I'll have tons of photos and ancedotes, but for now Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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