Just the Two of Us

Tomorrow Amos leaves for a two-day conference in Binghamton, meaning it will be girls only in the house!  Hazel and I have spent approximately two nights alone together thus far, and they were both in the hospital.  Pros:  24-hour nurses available, pain medicine available, meals prepared & brought to me.  Cons:  major bleeding, pain in the hurtiest place imaginable, screaming newborn who ate every 10 minutes, new mother scared out of her mind.  Ok, so this time around it won't be so dramatic.  I mean, I've had her for 4 1/2 months now, and she's not as crazy as she was when she first arrived on the scene, but still I'm a little nervous.  He'll be gone from Wednesday morning to about midnight on Thursday, which I guess is technically only a day and a half.  I'm worried mostly about the evenings, which is when Amos watches Hazel and I can do all the stuff I've put off all day.  Like showering.  So it may be a smooth and easy two nights, but perhaps smelly too, I can't promise you anything.  Or maybe we'll have a fashion show.

So we started Hazel on rice cereal a week ago today, and she LOVES IT.  We started her the same day the doctor cleared it; actually the doctor said anytime the next two months, which still includes a mere 5 hours later ok!  Anyway after a hesitant start, on both Hazel's and our ends, we've gotten to a good equilibrium.  She likes it mushy, like overcooked grits, and not watery like the books suggested.  She also is pretty interested in the cup and spoon.

Oh and she freaking loves that bib.  Every time we put it on she gets all cross-eyed staring at the frogs!  Whoever gave us that, double thanks!!

I'm excited though because my friend Britt is coming over in an hour or so with her son Trent.  Trent is maybe a week younger than Hazel; Britt and I commiserated many a time during our pregnancies, and it is uniquely fun to talk baby stuff with someone who is going through the exact same stuff I am at the same time.  Both being first-time mothers, we have quite a bit to discuss!  Anyway I have to go make this place (and myself) look semi-decent, and that will probably take more than an hour!

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3 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us

  1. Well double thanks to ya Nana! She's enthralled by that thing, I am not even kidding. I haven't busted out the other one yet (it has zoo animals) because she loves this one so much! I just wipe it off everyday.

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