I've been gone a lot recently, so this entry is going to fast forward to now.

I still feel a little off, and I bet it's because I'm not getting enough sleep.  Now we're at the point where I usually fall asleep nursing her at least once a night, meaning she spends about 2 hours in our bed every night.  I'm hoping that this will taper off soon, especially because…

She is eating real baby food!!!  This past Saturday was her first time.  Amos and I, being the kind of people we are, wanted to make her baby food, so he made carrots.  They, um, didn't work out very well.

She actually leaned over her chair and acted like she was gagging (which she was not).  This was alarming, though, so I just nursed her the rest of the night.  In retrospect we decided that Amos didn't cook them down enough, and that the texture was probably bothering her.  We got some carrot baby food from the store and she LOVES IT.  She ate about 1/4 of a stage 2 sized jar, and I have no idea how much that actually is but it looked like a lot for her.  Seriously, she wolfed it down and was a pro.  My baby eats food now!

Hazel hit another big milestone on Friday; she rolled over back to front.  She was on the playmat, crying while I had my lunch, and she just kind of kicked herself over.  She's been doing these backbends:
…which are creepy, but I figured were probably her way of trying to move and see and do, and sure enough she kicked herself over while doing one of these numbers.  I had the camera beside me, but only managed to grab a shot of her on her side after the big one.  Her arm was stuck underneath, and she flipped herself right back over, but in the next couple of weeks I'm sure she'll perfect the maneuver.  

Which brings me to my next point…she's 5 months old today.  Things are happening too fast!  I always rolled my eyes at parents who talked about this, thinking that it couldn't be as quick as they were saying, but it is.  I was wrong.  Stop it.

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4 thoughts on “Backstory

  1. That is too funny…Glad she liked the smoother carrots though. She is very strong and acrobatic! I like that!
    About the way things happen so fast…SEE!
    I cried like a baby each and everytime I had to send one of you off to kindergarten…and other times, too.
    Welcome to motherhood–it is a little sad at times, but a whole lot of JOY!
    Love Momma

  2. How funny! We started Henry on green beans last week. He did great after making some serious faces. We made our own also..mashed them up good. Henry does the arching but has not flipped himself yet. I keep waiting. He hates tummy time too. Does Hazel like that?

  3. Yum, green beans! It's exciting when they start eating real food. Hazel hates tummy time, and in fact flips herself over almost immediately. There have been a few times lately though where she's in a great mood and will play like that for 15 minutes or so, but she inevitably ends up on her back.

  4. What a sweet baby girl!! With all 4 of my kiddos, I tried very simple veggies first. Peas. Carrots. Beans. Squash. And I gave JUST those until about 8 months. At about 8 months I began stage 3 foods – but still just the thicker, chunkier simple foods. It has seemed to work!But At about 9-11 months I always start giving our babies OUR food. I just blend it into a baby food consistency. Your little one is just adorable!!

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