Sheep Thrills

Yum…new yarn coma…

The top yarn is hand-dyed alpaca, slated for a Christmas present for the upcoming year.  The bottom greeny goodness is for, surprise surprise, me!  I am finally making something for myself.  I tallied it up, and over the years I have made myself a grand total of one phone cozy and one "feminine mystique" cozy.  And that is it.  Each of those projects used scrap yarn and took maybe a hour to complete.  Well no more!  This yarn is going to make the February Lady Sweater, written by Pamela Wynn (who models in the picture too, I think).  I loved this cardi on first glance, and I tried to get yarn that closely matched that in the picture.  

Right now I'm working on several things, as usual; one, though, the main project, is the biggest thing I've ever knit.  It's going to be ginormous.  But it's a secret, so I can't divulge any info just yet.  I will say that it's a helluva lot of garter stitch!  To break up the monotomy of one giant project I've had a string of small side projects, most of which are either washcloths or Christmas '09 gifts.  Maybe one day I'll knit something I can show you all!

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3 thoughts on “Sheep Thrills

  1. You are a knitting machine! 😀 I love that green yarn. The color is just gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the finished cardigan. You're going to look adorable in it. :)I keep telling my sister about you and your knitting projects. She loves to knit, but she can't make anything other than scarves and blankets yet. LOL I want her to learn how to knit sweaters!!

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