Why Wait till Tomorrow? Another Video!

We took this little bit tonight; we gave Hazel green beans for the first time.  Her reaction proves how much she loves eating solid foods!

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4 thoughts on “Why Wait till Tomorrow? Another Video!

  1. I know, she just loves solid food!! The only time she's made a face was the very first time we gave her carrots; Amos made them and didn't cook them down enough, so she didn't like the texture, but otherwise she looooves them. Peas are her least favorite, but she'll eat them without a fuss. I think this child is going to wean herself from breastfeeding! She's already way less interested in it than even two weeks ago.

  2. I love how she responded to her name. When Amos says "Hazel" she swings her head up and is super attentive to him. It's so cute the way she's open mouthed and ready for food with her little eyebrows going up and down!

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