We are feeling the winter blahs here pretty hard.  Hazel and I got out once or twice only to be driven in again by the 10 degree weather we've been having.  Today was horrible; I could feel the frozen air seeping into the house through window cracks and electrical sockets.  I put Hazel in fleece jams and I stayed all covered up too.  I hate, hate this weather.  It makes me stir-crazy and non-productive.  Hazel is seriously cutting a tooth – that thing is ready to blow, but still hasn't reared its sharp little white nub – and today had a little teething fever, poor girl.  She gets all cuddly and sleepy-eyed when she doesn't feel well, which (I know it's wrong) I kind of enjoy just a tad.  I mean, she's so squirmy and restless and hyper most of the time, so I kind of enjoy just holding her and feeling her weight on my lap.  I don't like that she feels poorly, though.

In my psuedo-hibernation I've been knitting and reading.  I've been knitting on the same project since we got back from Christmas; this thing is going to be huge, the biggest thing I've ever knit.  I am dying to talk about it, but it's a Christmas gift, so I can't.  Suffice it to say that it will be feet by feet big.  I just read "Knit Two," which is the sequel to the "Friday Night Knitting Club," and it was pretty good.  I'm also reading all the Chronicles of Narnia.  I got a box set for Hazel (I buy her all kinds of books all the time, since her conception), so I'm going back and reading all of them.  They really are sweet stories.  I can't wait to read them to her.

Mama will be here in just a week!  Good thing Amos is off next week; he can help me clean!  :D

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