Bye Mama!

My mama came up to visit last Thursday!  We had a great time doing what we do best – shopping, going out to eat, taking walks outside, watching movies.  Mama got to sample the new Indian place a couple doors down from us (delicious, heavenly godsend to Clinton) not once but twice!  The weather warmed up considerably while she was here, going from about 30 to the low 50s in just a few days.  We took advantage and strolled Hazel all over the neighborhood.  Of course, Hazel scored bigtime from Nana's visit; besides being picked up whenever she wanted and having all her toys available all the time, she got a new book, a playpen, some bath toys, and this other really cool wooden toy.  Thanks Nana & Papaw!

We were sad to see her go, but that's the catch about living up here.  We all had a great time, and it was a fantastic way to sort of kick start our springtime!

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One thought on “Bye Mama!

  1. Bye Laura and Hazel!
    I had a really good time with ya'll, but I get very sad when it is time to part.
    On a good note, Hazel is amazing! She is so active, vivacious, and beautiful!
    I am blessed to have such a wonderful granddaughter.
    LOVE Nana/Momma

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