Well Baby

Today I took Hazel to her 6th month well baby check-up (ok I know she's almost 7 months, but somehow we got off schedule).  She is, of course, doing just fine.  My baby now is 26.5 inches long and weighs 18 lbs.  Her growth has slowed just a tad; she's now somewhere in between the 50th and 60th percentile for weight and height.  Overall, her visit went normally and well, although I'm happy we don't have to see this doctor all the time.  

Our regular doctor is on maternity leave right now, so for this check-up we were referred to another doctor that is affiliated with the same hospital.  This woman was nice enough, but it was pretty clear that she wasn't listening to anything I said.  For example, when we were talking about what food Hazel eats, I mentioned that she is also drinking from the sippy cup.  The doctor responded with, "oh good, she's trying that already?"  Um no, she isn't trying – she drinks from it with every meal.  It was like that when I said she could flip over both ways and crawl.  Also, both she and the nurse (separately) seemed confused or something when I said that we make her baby food.  The nurse asked me what she eats, and when I started naming the vegetables she got a vague expression on her face and asked how many stage 1 jars she eats a day.  When I said that I couldn't quantify it that way, since we make everything, she said, "I'll just write down 'veggies' then."  What?  Whatever!

The kicker, though, came near the end.  I mentioned that Hazel seems to be having a difficult time pooping (sorry, TMI warning!) though she's not constipated.  The doctor suggested I put corn syrup into her food.  Corn syrup – the sugary, nasty, refined, fake sugar that's in Cokes and Little Debbies and junk like that.  What. The. F***.  She was serious, too, you guys.  What a doofus!

Here are a few photos we took before Hazel went to Dr. Weirdo:

She can totally drink from a sippy cup.She's going to eat the camera!!Playing with a new toy (thanks Nana & Papaw!)Almost 7 monthsAlmost 7 months

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6 thoughts on “Well Baby

  1. What a cutie!!!!!I'm sorry they didn't listen to a word you said, I've encountered those aswell, in one extreme case I even said something ridiculous to test them and well, they just said "Oh right, that's fine"… I nearly blew a fuse :-DOur girl had the hardest stool you could imagine and she cried a lot when she had to go, so our paediatric told us to start with fruits as they soften up the stool naturally. Maybe you could introduce Hazel to some apple, pear,… just no banana yet, as that doesn't soften up a thing ^_^I hope for the next check-up you get a better doctor <<<hugs>>>

  2. You know, no matter what stage of life you're in, there is nothing more irritating than a doctor or medical professional who puts you in a box and doesn't listen to what you're actually saying. It's so frustrating.Regardless, I'm glad she's doing so well!! And that Deviously Cute photo? *melt*

  3. Our regular doctor is pretty great, so I'm just going to let it slide since there wasn't anything wrong with Hazel. Well, now that I vented a little I'll let it slide šŸ˜‰

  4. I've heard the corn syrup thing before, so while I don't think it's the best idea, it at least isn't a crazy one the doctor thought up on her own. Flora just had her six-month appointment yesterday (including needles). They really are growing like little weeds, aren't they? šŸ™‚

  5. Have you tried baby prunes yet? Those work well or a small amount of apple juice also. I loathe it when doctor's do not listen to you. It sounds like they were just not paying attention. I love the new pictures. She is growing up too fast!

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