Busy Week…Doing Nothing.

This past week was hectic, except that I didn't actually get anything done.  Go figure!

I spent the first of the week just trying to catch up a little on housework.  Hazel has been getting so much better at crawling that I have to really keep an eye on her.  She now crawls around and around the living room, stopping to touch all the same stuff.  She goes magazine rack, bookcase, stroller wheel, records, my shoes, rocking chair, DVDs, my feet, and then starts all over again.  I have little tiny baby fingerprints all over the place.  I'm also considering attaching Swiffer sheets to all her onesies.

I did manage to get the house relatively clean by Wednesday, but on Thursday Amos came down with this nasty bug, so everything went downhill faster than Fat Albert on a black diamond run.  Our house was t.r.a.s.h.e.d.  I did dishes Friday morning; by that evening every single juice glass was dirty because Amos told me, "You can't reuse cups when you're sick; it just makes you more sick."  This is not true, internet readers.  This is baloney.  I contributed to the dish pile in my own right, too.  I just didn't have time to worry about those while caring for the baby all by myself, trying to keep her quiet so Amos could rest.  Hazel and I spent a lot of time out of the house the past few days.  Amos never gets sick.  Never.  He never has a sore throat, doesn't get queasy, isn't affected by headaches, so when he does fall ill it seems like it's considerably worse.  Thursday he was throwing up at school and came home, Friday he had a hacking cough and achey joints, which carried over into Saturday.  

Unfortunately he had a Lego robotics thing scheduled for Saturday and since he was the only professor, he felt obligated to go.  Fortunately, he had hired a babysitter for Hazel at the school, so I had the majority of the day free!  I was sorry he felt poorly, but was so giddy about my free time I couldn't really think straight.  I had a blast doing laundry, dancing with my ipod, then lunch & shopping with Care and Emma.  I even had some time on my own yesterday too; I read about this yarn shop closing in Manlius, close to Syracuse, so I loaded up Hazel and we went!  I found some awesome yarn, which I'm going to get my hands on tonight, and Hazel flirted with everyone there and was just adorable.

It didn't last, though.  Our poor baby woke up at 4 am with a blistering fever and hacking cough.  She's been feverish all day, hovering around 102 degrees, with a runny nose, cough, and sometimes vomiting.  Still, though, she's been in a generally good mood and hasn't cried much, which makes me feel even worse for her.  Amos stayed home today from work as well, and having him here to help out was great, even if he's not at full capacity.  Unfortunately you can't really do much for a baby who is sick like this, except try to keep them comfy and let them nurse a lot.  She's such a good baby, and seeing her sick just breaks my heart.  Hopefully it will have run its course by tomorrow, but until then I'll be too soccer-mom-from-the-80s embarrassed to come out of my house!

ETA:  It took me three days to write this out.  I started on Saturday, then got distracted by Hazel and bedtime, and the next day she was all sick and gross and so was Amos.  So pretend I wrote this Monday.  Also, her fever is gone now, and she's just kind of wimpy and coughing, but better than yesterday.

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