Strawberry Hat

I have been wanting to make this hat for a loooooong time, but for some reason never got around to it.  I finally sit down with it, and not only is it completely adorable, but it only took me a day to make!!

And what do you know, I make her a new, cute hat and this is the best she can do for me!!  I couldn't get a smile out of her this morning for love or money.  Later on we'll try again, maybe she'll be in a better mood.  :D

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4 thoughts on “Strawberry Hat

  1. That hat is so sweet. I would love my mum or my mother-in-law to make Flora something similar (my knitting ability doesn't go much past dishcloths using straight knit stitch and I haven't done that in years either).

  2. This hat was so easy, I was really surprised! Here's a link to the pattern, in case you can talk someone into making one (or pick it back up yourself – honestly, it really was that easy!):

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