Hazel Can Crawl up our Step

We have one step in our apartment, and Hazel has mastered crawling up it!  She's getting too big for her britches.

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3 thoughts on “Hazel Can Crawl up our Step

  1. Wow, she is a mover! Our little Henry is not even close to crawling yet. He loves to stand holding on to us for some reason. I had to laugh, I was watching this last night in my bedroom and all of a sudden my husband comes in worried Henry was up. He was out in our living room and heard Hazel cooing and talking so thought it was Henry up. LOL!

  2. Oh that is super funny! Something like that happened with us…I left the video camera recording onto our computer to go nurse Hazel to sleep. My husband came out of the living room and asked all wide-eyed, "Do you hear some creepy baby??" LOL what a dork!

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