I’ve been drinking lots of coffee.

I'm getting busier.  It seems crazy, but I really think it's happening.  My days just aren't filled with poop emergencies, cleaning spit-up out of my hair, and fumbling for burp cloths from my nightstand in the middle of the night.  Hazel, as you may have noted somewhat from that last video, is really strong.  Hulk Hogan strong.  No, Lou Ferrigno strong.  She crawls all over.  Actually it's more like she slithers everywhere…she hasn't gotten that whole hands and knees thing down yet.  She can get up there, and rock back and forth, but when it comes time to move she gets down on her belly and does a half serpentine, half army slither business.  It's pretty adorable.  The weather's been bouncing between bearable and frigid, so when the stars align and she's fed, changed, happy, and the weather's sunny, we drop everything and dash out of the house for a walk.  Usually we go to the library, maybe stop in at Nola's for a coffee & a chat, then circle the neighborhood.  She loves to be in the stroller, which is awesome for me!

I guess not a lot's been happening lately.  Oh, I have a social life again.  But mostly we just hang out and act silly, which is fun but you kind of have to be there to understand what the hell we're talking about.  Coming up, though, will be the most fun times of the year:  our farm will start producing again, we're going to visit Alabama around June, heading to a Slavic festival with the in-laws in July.  Plus it's like the people (us included) come out of hibernation around now.  During the summer months – June, July, August and that's it – a ton of stuff happens around town.  This year it will be even better because we can take Hazel.  Even if we get bored with what's going on she won't, which means we won't.  I can't wait to take her out to the country!  

So basically we're doing a lot of the same old.  Isn't that how it goes for everyone? 
I have to say, though, that while I've been typing this post I've had a freaky weirdo staring back at me, in the form of this unfortunate little girl in some random ad:

Yeah.  She looks crazy.

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