Finger Casts & Nice Weather

Yesterday Hazel got her first real boo-boo.  She cut her index finger on some mystery object and just bled all over the place.  I was holding her outside while Amos got the stroller all set up, and when I set her in the seat I noticed blood on my hand.  We started searching for the source and saw blood everywhere; on her onesie, my leg, Amos's shirt, her stroller straps, her face, until finally we saw the tiny cut on her finger.  It was a terrifying couple of seconds.  She wasn't crying or anything, so it must not hurt much, but she had to wear this giant bandage all day:

If you guys could see how small this cut actually is you would laugh at how big the bandage is in comparison.  FYI – the smallest band-aid in the box is still about 3 times bigger than a baby's finger.

Other than that drama things have been exciting here!  Hazel is so great at her little army crawl, it's ridiculous.  She's also exploring pulling up, though most often she gets frustrated before she gets herself up.  I think this little girl *may* have a short temper…lol/dammit.  

I forgot to put up a photo of Hazel's first Easter, which we spent with my friend Carrie's family.  We all went to this fancy buffet at the casino here.  This buffet has crazy amounts of food, whatever you want pretty much, and last year when we went it was close to my favorite day of being pregnant.  This years was fun also, but a little more hectic with a sleepy baby.  She did very well, really, but you can see in these photos that she was a little sleepy before we even left.

daddy and a somber babywhat a pack of weirdosme & butterbean

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2 thoughts on “Finger Casts & Nice Weather

  1. Hazel is a beautiful baby. She looks so pretty in her little dress.
    Sorry about the boo boo…
    Sorry I missed the first Easter, too…
    Thanks for the pics, though!
    Everyone looks fatabulous!
    Love Nana

  2. Laura,

    I was excited to see some new photos of the family on your site. I check it every day. The photo you took of Hazel with the bandaid is really something. You are good girl!
    I'm glad you all had a nice Easter. Next year…chocolate!
    That bandaid is huge! Did I ever tell you that my Laura like to wear bandaids as jewelry? People used to think we beat her up all the time. She wore them on her arms, legs and face! Just give her a box of bandaids and she was off to the races.

    Keep the stories and photos coming. Us grandmas never get tired of any of it.
    I miss you.
    Love From, St. Lou…

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