90 Degrees

That's what the temp hit here — 90.  It was unexpected and kind of annoying, but I was so happy to feel some kind of heat that I didn't complain (I hope) too much.  Here's a crappy photo of Hazel before we fled our insanely hot apartment:

She had a big day yesterday.  We went to Old Navy and bought some new shoes for her, strolled around, hung with Trent (that's her boyfriend, she shares him with their other friend Emma), Britt, Sean, & Abbie at the tattoo shop, then Daddy came home!  Amos had been in Plattsburgh, NY, for a conference since Thursday, so we picked him up late last afternoon.  We took a mini-walk with her and dipped her feet in the fountain.  She went nuts!  This kid loves bathtime, loves playing in water, and she tried to do a swan dive out of Amos's hands into the fountain.  We also let her feel the grass for the first time yesterday.  She looked a little confused for a minute, then started cracking up.  It was so adorable; in retrospect I wished I'd had some kind of camera on hand.  

Today we are going to make all her baby food, take a walk, maybe see Britt & Trent.  Tomorrow looks like another fun day – a picnic at Lake Delta with Carrie & Emma!!  We are going to have such a fun time, especially Hazel.  She'll feel sand, be in a bikini, maybe even get in the water a little.  I'm so happy it's warmer here and that we can start in on all the fun summer things we have planned.

PS:  It's Hazel's 8 month birthday today!

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