Nachos and Lemonheads and my Dad’s Boat

Yesterday Carrie, Britt, and I thought it would be a spectacular idea to have a picnic at Lake Delta State Park. It wasn't a spectacular idea, turns out, but it wasn't horrible either.  I did learn some things, though:

1.  Picnics are more complicated than you think, unless all you bring is potato chips and cheese sandwiches.
2.  When you're picnicing with two 8-month-olds and one 18-month-old, don't expect to last all day.  Expect to last maybe 2 hours.
3.  Bring 17 extra onesies and a lot of wipes.
4.  You will have to get your baby all the way naked at least once.  
5.  Do not bring cameras, phones, lipstick, books, anything that's important or expensive.  Go with stuff that can be knocked over repeatedly in the wet sand.
6.  Speaking of sand, babies will eat it.

We did have a good time, but not in the same way I expected.  Everything is different with a baby!  Hazel loved being in the water, absolutely adored it, and I think Trent did too (this was both their first times being in water outside).  Emma's feet got sucked down into the lake muck so that she couldn't move, which made her fuss a little but was pretty funny.  All in all I think we'll go again, but we were joking that we need to outnumber the babies by at least one!

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