I Got a New Piece.

Today was a huge day for Hazel and I.  First of all, tonight was the first night of her life that I didn't nurse her right before she fell asleep.  She did amazingly well (we have been training for this night for about two weeks, also).  I was a little bummed about it, though.  Also, and maybe subconsciously to commemorate the event, I got a new tattoo.

Excuse the chipped nail polish, ink splatters, and the already insane puffiness.  Way back, before I was pregnant or married, even, I knew I would one day get another tattoo, and that it would be about being a mother.  Sometimes I think about these things and kind of don't mention them out loud, ever, so I think this came out of nowhere for everyone, but I've been marinating on it for quite some time.  For some reason today it just clicked, and I decided now was the time.  I really love it, even though it HURT like bananas.  

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