I’ve got Spring Fever

Like, bad.  So bad that I don't want to be inside for anything, ever.  That includes updating this blog, but last night I was gently reminded about not posting by my mother, who kindly said, "So you haven't updated your blog in a week.  Why?  Go put something on there."  So, mommalicious, here you go.

We have been busy and not busy; cleaning, playing, going for walks outside, just hanging out and meeting the people.  Amos's schedule was all weird the past three weeks with the following:  a trip to a conference in Plattsburgh for 3 days, then finals, then grading, then graduation.  He doesn't have classes anymore, but is still at work most days.  Hazel and I get outside everyday when the weather permits.  Though it's been as hot as 90 degrees, most days it settles around the high 50s, low 60s, and of course there's the famous overcast/rainy days here (like today).  I've also been knitting up a storm, as Hazel seems content to play by herself for blocks of time everyday.  I sit in an armchair, let her practice standing by holding on to the coffee table, and just knit away while she laughs and tries to grab things.

She's actually getting pretty good at all the walking/standing business, but still cannot stand up by herself.  She is so fidgety and busy that she turns to look every which way as soon as you get her up.  She can pull up by herself, but had a nasty fall coming down about a week ago, so now she's kind of scared to try it.  It's kind of funny; she stands up until she's tired/bored, then looks around and hollers, not cries, for me to come and help.  We are working on those skills, though!

Here are a couple of photos I took with one-time cameras and scanned in.  Enjoy!


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