And boy, are my arms tired

Right after Amos finished up with classes, right after my birthday and all my friends' birthdays and mama's graduation, right after all that, Amos & I loaded up Hazel for another family vacation.  We were gone for almost 3 whole weeks!  Sometimes I think we are certifiably insane.  We've been home since late Monday night, and I still feel shell-shocked from the whole affair.  

We went to St. Louis first, like we did at Christmas, but this time we stopped over in Cleveland.  Our hotel was cute, functional, and got the job done.  Of course I left a sippy cup and some of Hazel's food there, but that was bound to happen, right!  It was kind of helpful to split up the trip, but not as much as I thought.  We spent one lovely week in St. Louis, including a ladies' tea that Amos's mom's family holds annually.  This was my first time attending, as well as Hazel's first.  It was adorable and sweet, all the ladies dressed up and having tea out in the garden.  Hazel slept through half of it, but I was fine with that – it gave me a chance to actually have some tea!    The rest of our St. Louis week was spent in the usual fashion – late nights with Laura & Nick, movies, Global Foods shopping, trip to the Loop, plus a trip to 2 yarn shops.

After STL we headed down South again.  This time we went all the way to Fayetteville, spending one night with Mama in Athens first.  It was so fun and relaxing to be back where I grew up; of course I went to the Wal-Mart, and of course I saw about 35 people I knew in there.  When you go to that Wal-Mart you better make sure you look pretty good, otherwise you'll hear about it before you even get home.  We were only there for 3 days, and clearly next time we need to plan for a longer trip.  I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to, and I feel like I didn't get to enjoy my grandparents and the beautiful countryside as much as I could have.  Time was running short, though, and we still needed to see my mama & stepdad in Athens.  That leg of the trip was the absolute most relaxing for 2 reasons:  first, Mama has central air, and second, the only other people I know up there are my stepsister & her family, which we saw at Mama's house.  After just a couple of short days we headed back, making the 18-hour drive all in one go.  Tennessee and Kentucky go by fast, but going through Ohio & PA, then all the way sideways through NY is LONG and CRAPPY.  Hazel is thoroughly versed in road-tripping, though, including the fine arts of eating in the car and diaper changes on the trunk lid.  

Seriously, though, that baby is quite flexible and easygoing.  Well, normally she is; her two top teeth are cutting right now, so she is in a lot of pain and is having just a hard time, but they are coming on out and shouldn't be much longer in cutting all the way through.  

So, I'm happy to be back to the normal daily routine, but not happy to leave everyone back home.  I guess I'll have to drown my sorrows in the Diet Grapico I smuggled over the Mason-Dixon.

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