Baby Surprise Jacket

On the road trip I ran out of things to knit.  I know, I was as shocked as you!  Fortunately there are a few awesome yarn shops in St. Louis, so I took this opportunity to knit something I've been wanting to for a while – the baby surprise jacket.  It's a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman, who wrote all these amazingly awesome patterns back in the 50s and 60s that are so cool everyone still wants to make them.  I also bought the Knitter's Almanac, but that's another story. Anyway, I started this, ripped it out, started, ripped, then finally got it together and finished it up last Saturday.  It was like magic!  Anyone who's knitted this pattern knows what I mean; you basically knit this weirdly shaped rectangle, then fold it a certain way and there it is!  This will be a gift for Hazel this Christmas from me.  It should fit her right around then, a little over a year old.  I love it, and I'm going to definitely make another one soon!

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