But I don’t want to!

I'm in the midst of Christmas knitting, with about half done already.  No, probably more than half, but it's all the good half.  I don't know why, but I bought the yarn to make like 4 scarves for gifts, and now I'm dragging my feet, bored out of my mind with them.  I have 3 already on the dang needles, with a measly 4 inches or something scraggling along, and I just don't want to finish a one of them.  

What I want is to make more baby cardigans.  LOTS of baby cardigans.  I love that pattern, and I want to only make those for the next 12 projects.

But, since I'm an adult, I'm going to finish the scarves.  They are lovely patterns, with lovely yarn, after all.  

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