Portland Bound!

This evening I leave for Portland!  I'm headed out to spend a week with my beautiful, funny, lovely friend Laura.  I haven't seen her since my wedding, which has been about 2 years, and in that time I had a baby.  So we have a lot to talk about, haha!  I'm almost all packed, the bills are paid, I pre-checked in on the Delta website, my knitting is started and packed.  I could not be more ready to go.  I will miss Hazel, though; I think it will be weird to be away from her for so long.  

Um, actually I have a confession about that…we haven't totally stopped nursing.  And I'm not going to.  I know, taking a week-long hiatus is crazy and weird and will probably hurt me more than it does her.  The (stupid) doctor we see said that she needs to have either breast milk or formula until she's a whole year old.  Formula is just not something I want to do, and since her doctor refused all other milks, we're going back to breastfeeding until her birthday, which honestly is not that far away.  We'll wean more slowly after that.  She has done remarkably well, though, so it kind of sucks that we'll have to do that twice.  I'm sure the trip will make up for it, though.

So!  I won't blog in PDX, but I will after & show some fun photos.  Have a nice week – I will!

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