Home Once Again

I miss my apartment when I'm gone.  I realize that I love my books, my cameras, all my stuff.  That includes Amos and Hazel.  I arrived back from Portland yesterday morning, about 11.30 am.  My flights went from 6.30 pm the night before, all the way basically non-stop until getting to Syracuse at about 10 am or so.  Yesterday was a blur of getting home, trying to find something to eat (I refuse to pay airport prices and hadn't eaten since about 11.30 am the previous day), and taking a quickie nap & bath before Hazel's dinner & bath.  I missed her so much.  

Portland was amazing.  AMAZING.  There is no way that I will not be back to that city.  Besides the delicious food, the super nice people, and renowned music scene, there's just something about Portland that completely jived with me.  Everyone there seems to be progressive in the ways that Amos and I are building our family to be; they recycle, bike, share parenting duties without raised eyebrows, go to shows, let pedestrians pass.  The city's only sweeter because one of my favorite people lives there.

Laura and I had SUCH a great time.  I needed to see her; it reminded me that I'm not just a mother and wife.  It was refreshing.  We drank, danced, cracked jokes, drove around, biked even more, shared recipes, and just laughed and laughed.  I can't even put it into words…this was just the best vacation I've ever taken.  Reaffirming.

Oh I should also mention that Laura and I decided to get spontaneous haircuts.  That's what that last photo is about.  You just can't tell mine is different because I'm shorter than her.  Trust me that both our do's are slamming.

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