On the Map

We are just living up the short, not too hot summer that we are allotted way up here in the tundra.  I've been slowly adjusting to the 3 hour time difference (staying up all night while flying back probably threw me off more than the actual time change), so in between my naps and Hazel's naps we've been walking outside, visiting our CSA farm, and hanging out with Amos.  Next weekend we're going to Pennsylvania for a Slavic festival with Amos's parents, followed by a 3-day stay in Geneva, NY, for a quiet little vacation together.  Geneva is a sweet town on the finger lakes, which incidentally really do look like fingers from the sky, and I am excited for our stay.  We're shacking up in a B&B run by a very sweet couple, and between his parents & us we are taking up the whole house.  That's a B&B stay I'm willing to risk!  Plus Nancy has spoken to the couple, and they are both thrilled to have a little baby there for a visit.  After that we aren't traveling again until Christmas, but my mama will be up at the beginning of August for a quick long weekend.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her again.  While she's here we're going to have a slightly early birthday for Hazel.  Oh, and I bought her birthday outfit in Portland, and it's SO cute, not to mention being orange & blue, which is just a cool bonus.  

Here are a few photos taken just yesterday, plus one of her dress.  Amos dressed her that day as the Incredible Hulk; he's such a dorky laugh riot!

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