We went to the zoo yesterday.

I am too tired to think of a fun title!

Leah invited me and Hazel to go with her and her girls, Olivia and Ella, to the zoo in Syracuse yesterday.  This was a super fun trip because it was Hazel's first time to any zoo, my first time to this zoo, and the first time the girls will remember.  The zoo wasn't too big, wasn't too small, so we got through without any meltdowns/fainting from the heat. Hazel was a trooper in her stroller; she didn't cry or whine the entire trip.  I think she had fun watching the crowd.  There were a ton of kids there, and that usually keeps her entertained.  Not to mention Olivia and Ella are pretty into her, so they fawned on her all afternoon.  It was pretty adorable.  

This weekend our family is headed off to another vacation, this time to New Castle, PA to meet with Amos's parents for a Slavic festival.  That will be followed up with a few days in Geneva, NY, which is in the finger lakes and should also be fun.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing time with these guys.

This picture is a bonus track; we put some larger number magnets toward the bottom of the fridge to encourage her to climb up there (see it's harder, because there's nothing for her to grab; she can only brace herself against the fridge & use leg strength, not arm strength, to get up).  She pretty much can't reach but one or two at any given time, but she is having a good time trying.

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