Slovenes, Wine Country, and B&Bs

Last week was the wrap-up on our whirlwind vacation summer.  We took one last trip in mid-July, meeting up with Amos's parents and kind of tagging along on their vacation.  We had a great time, but I've been too pooped out to write or even look at those photos until now.

The first stop on this vacation was New Castle, PA.  New Castle looks a lot like Utica:  abandoned and creepy.  There was a little downtown part that looked like they were trying to fix it up, but I guess they just started on that effort.  But we weren't there to sightsee; we were there for the Slovene festival!  Carnival food vendors, bands, musicians, and polka lovers flocked from all over the country to this days-long jam session.  The site was also a campground, so we took advantage of the picnic tables, playground, and pool while there.  Actually they had a little wading pool, I guess you'd call it, which was only about 3" deep and had fountain streams jetting into it.  Amos walked Hazel around in it, and she loved it.  

Lemon SlushPoolPool

Unfortunately she was still having a bit of a hard time with her tooth coming in while we were here, so Amos and I spent more time in our hotel room trying to get her to sleep or eat or calm down than we did at the actual festival.  I think Jim and Nancy had fun, though, and we did while we were there.  I also will say that we encountered no good food there, with the exception of this one greasy spoon.  It was something like $14 for the 4 of us to eat breakfast, which is just awesome.

After the festival we headed up to Geneva, NY, which is located in the Finger Lake/wine country region of upstate.  It's actually really close to where we live, only about 2 hours away.  Geneva definitely had more curb appeal than New Castle, though it was surprising in its way.  The downtown area, which we could walk to from our B&B, looked cool, but really there wasn't much there.  This seems to be common in the NY villages we've visited; the buildings and downtown area look cool, but have things like attorneys, real estate offices, just places that you don't visit.  

So, being a family of problem-solvers, we drove to other places during our 3 days in Geneva.  We visited Canadaigua and racked up at the Salvation Army there, and also visited Naples, which is tiny but had some nice wine and a pretty nature trail.  Hazel was feeling much better during this part of our stay, so we were able to get out and do more.  Also, we stayed at the cutest place here called The White House on Washington.  It was comfortable, elegant, and relaxing, plus the host, Eric, kind of let us go crazy.  The 5 of us took up the 2 rooms in the B&B, so we kind of also took over the kitchen.  Nancy even cooked dinner there a couple of nights instead of going out.  I hope we get to stay there again!

After all the fun it was time to come home, and I was honestly ready for it.  We have been on the road this summer, me more than the other two Confers, and I have enjoyed just being in my apartment with my stuff doing my laundry.  This was a great summer, though, and I'm so happy we got to visit all these people we love and see all these new places!!  

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