Last Weekend

Four big things happened last weekend.


Mama came to visit!  She was here just from Saturday until last night.  In those four days I think I visited every store I normally frequent up here.  My mama is a shopping machine, and when I get around her my natural instincts perk up.  This was a great thing, as I hit up some amazing sales and got Hazel most of the clothes she will need for fall, maybe winter, and next spring/summer.  Except shoes.  Now that she's learning to walk, I don't know what kind of shoes to buy for her.  The mushy brain of pregnancy has extended all the way to 12 months postpartum, as I have frantic thoughts about the right kind of shoes running through my brain.  Attention, everyone:  I have bought shoes for myself for at least a good 11 years, and I am pretty sure I helped pick them out before that.  

Mama's visit was especially well-timed, because we found out that she has breast cancer last week.  (Yes, Mama, I just outed you.)  She's already had lumpectomies, and so is kind of in remission, but chemo & possible radiation still loom on the horizon for her.  We were all happy to see her and just have her here with us, scratched up boobs or not.


We had a little party for Hazel's first birthday on Sunday!  I scheduled it a bit early (ok, about 3 entire weeks early) so that my mama could also attend.  The lovely weather that plagues this region was in full effect, so Leah saved the day by letting us have the party in her restaurant Nola's.  The guests were Hazel's friends, which of course means the ladies that I am friends with and their respective children and two husbands, plus the two of us and my mama.  Small parties are my favorite; even with the abbreviated guest list, and therefore easy food preparation, minimal decorations, and no games since most of the guests are under 2 years old or over 21 years old, I still was busy and needed help getting everything together.  Kid parties are just that way.  This was my first taste of it, and it wasn't so bad…yet.

The photos I took suck.  I've been getting worse and worse at photography lately.  I guess it didn't help that the pace was pretty quick, since she is only a year old and I was sort of the only one who planned everything, but they really, really suck.  Oh well.  That leads me to…


One thing my mama wanted to give Hazel for her birthday was a portrait sitting with a professional photographer.  So we ended up at the studio in our Wal-Mart, mainly because we were short on time and needed a same-day appointment.  The pictures turned out cute, because my daughter is cute, but the woman there was a little bit nuts, as illustrated in the following two points:

1.  While trying to baby-talk Hazel into smiling and getting to know her face, this woman referred to Hazel's eyes as "sexy."
2.  She tried to up-sale us by a cool $60.  You'll be happy to know that I circumvented those efforts and I was happy to find that woman didn't talk to me after that.

Other than that the experience wasn't so bad.  It was a chore to try and get Hazel to sit up on that podium and kind of smile at us, but we did end up with a few poses that are adorable.  And in a way, that leads to…


I can finally make a vignette effect in Photoshop that doesn't make me want to barf up unicorns.  


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2 thoughts on “Last Weekend

  1. Both of my baby girls are gorgeous! I had a great time, especially with all the CA humor! Thanks so much for having the party while I was there. That was really special. Hazel is such a sweet and beautiful girl.
    Happy Birthday Hazel!!!
    Love ya'll

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