See-Saws and Berry Muffins

This week and weekend were busy for us also.

Yesterday the three of us braved the disgusting humidity we thought we'd fled three years ago to attend the sweet reception for our friends Carrie and Andy.  These two sealed the deal after being high school sweetie pies with a small wedding last month, and held a relaxed reception last night for all their extended family and friends.  Picnic tables with flowers and candles in Mason jars were scattered across the back yard, and the potluck buffet and candy table were delicious.  Oh, and I got to have a piece of Carrie's chocolate cake, and if you've had it then you know what a big tasty deal that is.

I don't have any pictures, though.  I know, what's wrong with me?  I only snapped these couple:

…which are pretty sweet, so they make up for the lack of other photos.

I didn't do too much because I am completely sapped after trying (and kind of failing) to have a yard sale this weekend.  Actually I just horned in on my friend Leah's yard sale, dumping a ton of Hazel's old clothes and junk onto her lawn and sitting back in my her chair, sipping water and knitting a sweater.  I did sell a few things, then turned around and promptly bought the dining table she was selling, so my profit from two days totals $4.75.  One of those dollars came from her four-year-old.  

This past week I've been in the kitchen, breaking all kinds of moral codes and making muffins.  I am trying, after 26 years of ignoring it, to reform the way I eat.  I go in cycles with this (whatever, I'm a woman, I'm governed by cycles of all kinds), but after having Hazel I feel like it is vital for us to really shape up how we eat and how we treat food.  So, this past week, I've been making not only a weekly menu for dinner, but also one for breakfast and lunch for myself.  It's working!  I made these triple berry muffins last week and froze them, so I can take out one or two for breakfast each day.

Two muffins are actually about the size of one, since these didn't really rise.  The more time I spend in the kitchen, the more I realize I should just live in there so I can get everything correct.  But they taste good, and that's more important than looks.  At least, that's what they told me; these muffins have good self-esteem.  I also made gazpacho, which lasted as my lunch for about three days.  Now that came out deliciously.  On this week's menu for lunches are a tomato & cheese curd panzanella salad and a carrot & ginger soup.  I'll let you know how those turn out.

I'll leave you with this relaxing picture I snapped on a whim Friday.  This is the view from the back of our favorite diner here, Eddie & Zina's.  The building is old, a mishmash of rooms slapped haphazardly together, with cracked vinyl booths and scratched tabletops, but the food is perfect, the service friendly and prompt, and you can't beat this view.

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One thought on “See-Saws and Berry Muffins

  1. It almost looks like home….my mom made the comment the other day that you and I made beautiful babies…and you know what? She is correct!! Here's to the creators of two beautiful little princesses!! Love you girl!!!!!!!!

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