Monster Hazel

Something is wrong with my child.  When I'm home with her, which I don't know if you realize this, but it's all day long everyday, she can't play alone.  She can't sit on the floor while I sit in a chair like a 26-year-old should.  In her perfect universe, I will sit cross-legged on the floor while she crawls around, drops stuff on the table & into my lap, and occasionally sits on my knee before diving back on the floor for another block or my hairbrush.  Should I sip coffee, scoot across the floor, turn the TV on, scratch my knee, SHE KNOWS and will attack me instantly.  While she's playing, though, she basically ignores me the whole time.  So I'm like a giant, breathing armchair that gets gradually more and more annoyed until I finally stand up, maybe to get coffee or go to the bathroom, and she has a meltdown and follows me for a couple of steps, only to put her face on the floor and dissolve into tears.

On these days I should invite over 15-year-olds and teach them about abstinence.

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One thought on “Monster Hazel

  1. I remember another little lady…who used to cry if I went to the bathroom, and wiggle her fingers under the BR door begging to come in until I came out. Treasure these times…I know that is hard,but there will come a day when you will miss being this important and essential to her….
    Love ya'll, Momma

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