More Birthday Stuff

I have finally, in the midst of all the reading & typing & cooking & not showering I've been doing, edited all the pictures from Hazel's birthday party.  

And they suck.
I'm not kidding.  They're all…dark.  And kind of red.  I know, it's probably just me who cares, but whatever.  I'm consoling myself with all the pretty pictures I have of her on every other day, and I've concluded that birthdays are too hyped up and we may start celebrating her birthday on September 8th.
So here are a few (grandmothers, you are getting cd's with more):
Yes, that's right.  Her cake had no icing.  My baby hasn't had food coloring, or refined sugar, or a sugar high – arrest me!!
And this was taken a few days after her actual birthday; the sweet, adorable secretaries Amos works with (Hazel's "aunts") had a little something for her at school last Friday.  This time I made up an "icing" that's really just nuefchatel with a little honey in it, whipped all to hell so it's kind of fluffy.  That kid went nuts over it, so that made us happy.  Seeing her covered in food did not.  For y'all that don't know, Hazel is a pretty clean eater.  It jankled my nerves to see white stuff all on her hands, then clothes, table, chair, us, you name it.

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