Why is September almost over?

I still have tons of stuff to do!!!!

We have been extremely busy, all three of us.  With the start of the school year (for both Amos and I) came a crazy rush of adjusting to yet another new schedule.  We have lived by some serious schedules since I got pregnant with this baby!  Here's a little run-down of what all has been going on:
1.  Daycare started for Hazel, and I think she likes it as much as any 1-year-old would.  When we drop her off she cries for a while, which I didn't know about until yesterday, but Donna says she does fine not too long after we leave.  She hasn't been the sweetest baby these days because she is starting to teethe again, so it's been a little rough with her.  But with plenty of Tylenol we'll get through it!
2.  School is awesome.  And hectic, and scary a little.  I finally have grades back in both classes, so I feel like I am doing ok thus far.  With English classes you sometimes don't get grades back until your first big paper, which could be assigned two months into the semester, so it can be a little nerve-wracking to be doing all this work and not know if you're doing it correctly.  Luckily I'm making A's in both classes right now – whew!
3.  I'm having a long stroke of bad luck that is getting me down, but I figure the longer it goes on the sooner it just has to stop.  That includes losing my newest camera, the cute little red Nikon that I've been using pretty much exclusively to get all these quick, nice shots of Hazel, and which also had my 4 GB card inside.  I still have a 1 GB card for the other, bigger Nikon, but I am SUPER UPSET about losing that camera.  Maybe I can hold out until Black Friday and beat the crowds back to get a cheap deal on another one…until then there may not be as many pictures of Hazel, though I know I haven't been posting many here.   
I have to go make a Powerpoint on feminist literary theory, so this is going to be a short summation. But more to come soon. Until then, here's a little something funny to take the edge off!

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One thought on “Why is September almost over?

  1. Laura, Good going on your grades. Keep it up. I would be scared to be starting back to school myself. You go girl!

    Thanks for sharing whats been happening in your part of the world. The video of Hazel in the crib is adorable. Is Hazel ready for phone calls? Grandma

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