Taking Advantage of the Best, Shortest Season in NY

Fall here is something to behold.  Lasting for only a fleeting moment, the trees turn shades that have inspired poets, musicians, and artists for centuries.  Amos took a school trip to Plattsburgh last year, and ever since he's talked about driving to this certain point along the way, where there are little waterfalls and a gorgeous view.  Today, with the warmer 55 degree weather, we dropped all our work and jetted off.  These are the kinds of trips I like the best; Amos and I both have so much work to do, we hadn't eaten lunch, but we knew that if we didn't grab the incentive and just GO we would never have the time.  I only made time to grab my knitting, camera, and some milk for Hazel, and we took the afternoon off.

(I love that face on her.  She was actually laughing, I just caught her at a weird moment, but these are the pictures I love the best.)
On the way home we found an excellent bar & grill way out in the middle of nowhere.  I don't know what town it's in, I think it may be called Ohio, but I know we'll make our way back there.  Hazel had an apple we brought along and some homemade, and therefore not at all greasy, sweet potato fries.  These fries were reason enough to go back, clearly hand-cut and fried for just a second without any breading to mush things up.  Homemade pickles and a fantastic burger eaten in front of a crackling fire sealed the deal for me.
Oops, forgot one!

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2 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of the Best, Shortest Season in NY

  1. Congrats on making the Culture page! I grew up in Rochester and have been missing all the east coast colors since moving out west several years ago. I just posted fall pics, too, of the first realy beautiful leaves I've seen since coming out here. But I think the pics of your daughter are way better than just my leaves!

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