Hazel in the Kitchen

Y'all know what a good little eater Hazel is, right?  Normally I fix her food and hand her the spoon.  My job is basically done at that point; she can feed herself until just a smear is left on her plate.  She does make some messes, particularly with food falling down onto (and under, somehow) her pants legs, so I get baby girl totally undressed before eating.  

Today I got her all set up and turned to wash dishes.  I think she was finished before her food was all gone (dinner would be the first time – EVER), and so got bored.
There was food all over that baby, and a peculiarly large amount on the floor.  Oh, and also that little snack she was saving for later on her shoulder, there.
Later on we were having some water and I thought it might be a great time to take the lid off the sippy cup and let her pick it up herself.
Turns out I should not take my advice all the time.  :)

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