Christmas Addendum: Knitting List

Oh yeah – this is what I was getting to in that last post.  Duh!

I am basically done with all the knitting I had planned for Christmas, which naturally means that I have tacked more on already.  Here's what I have left (if I don't write this down somewhere it will never get done!):
  • Pumpkin hat for Lindsay  Done!  11.06.09
  • Purple scarf for Olivia  Done!  11.03.09
  • Red dress for Hazel  
  • Clapotis for Granny — YARN BOUGHT!!
  • The extra somethingsomething for Emma — YARN BOUGHT! DONE!!  11.06.09
  • Extra thing for Hazel  11.07.09
  • Finish the huge baby bedspread for Hazel (or take that on the trip – yeah do this option)
  • Maybe some baby pants with the gold/orange leftover yarns?
  • 2 Christmas dishcloths
Ummm…I should get started.  LOL
PS – That red dress for Hazel??!?!?!?!!!  Yeah, it's crossed off because I was looking at it and I realized that it would totally fit her perfectly in about 8 years.  Why can't I knit anything that will fit a 14-month-old?!  It's like a curse!!!  So, I ripped all that out last night, and that soft, beautiful Malabrigo (Bergamota is the name of the colorway) is going to sit there until I can stand to touch it again, which won't be too long, because it really is gorgeous.
PPS - I have finished up all these tiny little projects, which feels pretty awesome, but I really should be working on the proposal I have to write.  So it's down with the needles & forward with the highlighter!

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