Christmas Stuff – Yes, I Know It’s Early.

That's right bro – it's officially Christmas season up in this mother!!! Why?  I'll be happy to tell you!  I made full-on caffeine coffee today!!!

  • We live in NY.
  • Most of the people I buy gifts for do not.
  • That means each gift involves extra time & money for shipping and strategic (wrinkle-free) packing.
  • That also means we travel every Christmas.
  • We don't like the snow.
  • So, we leave ASAP in December and come back ALAP.  
The last two years I've been orchestrating this huge Christmas endeavor have been learning experiences.  The first year I think I spent about $80 US DOLLARS on shipping alone, not including the cost of tape, boxes, and paper to stuff inside the boxes.  That's just too much.  Last year was better, and this year is going to be phenomenal.  I made sure to buy things that were generally lightweight or small, so shipping will be a breeze!  So, I've basically got that covered.  It helps that I start buying really early, like when everything goes on after-Christmas sale.  
Also, because we leave for Christmas pretty early, it means that everything has to be done by about December 10th at the latest.  When I've tried to let things go longer in the past I have ended up crying red & green tears of despair, curled in a ball under a half-decorated tree, holding lights that won't blink in my hands.  This year I hope to avoid that scenario.  To that end, I have about 80% of my list bought, wrapped, and packed to ship.  About 10% is staying here (bought & wrapped already), and the other bit I haven't made/bought yet.  I have also already written & addressed every Christmas card, and the whole stack is sitting tight in the box in which they came.
I know – I'm like this Christmas Nazi.  I start shopping and planning my Christmas knitting in January; every sale is potential Christmas fodder.  I can't help it; my tendency to over-achieve, combined with our kind of weirdly stressful Christmas situation, makes for a total organized Yuletide dictator.  But you know, when I'm sipping wassel and knitting in the evening with Hazel playing in the flickering glow of Christmas lights, I'm going to be enjoying my holiday instead of worrying about completing all the things I wanted done.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Stuff – Yes, I Know It’s Early.

  1. I've already bought all my christmas but haven't wrapped any. I also have to pack ur package to ship to you and put our christmas decorations up. I know I am skipping Thanksgiving decor but I prefer Christmas! Love u!

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