Quick like a bunny!

I am sick.  Hazel is sicker.  Amos is not (lucky dude!).  So this will be quick fast like lightening!

This week was productive in that I got new yarn and started knitting with it.  Oh also the house was clean for one whole day.  PRETTY COOL.  Friday I got a crazy number of house-stuff done:  groceries, dishes, sweeping, mopping, bathroom-sink-cleaning, plus I made a tofu/kale supper pie, which was phenomenal.  But then I got sick yesterday, and all I did before Amos got home was feed Hazel and pick up a couple of promised books at the book sale.  And today it's been mopey, snotty, headachey, orange-juicy shuffling from room to room.
Thus, the promised quick run-down:
I'm making the shawl on the left with the yarn on the right.  This will be a kind of last-minute Christmas gift for my grandma.  I'm making one that is a little bigger than the one here, since I want her to use it like a shawl.
Also, because Hazel was sick, Amos bought some Crayons for her.  She's a little young, really, but he found these plastic-covered ones and she loved them!  She didn't try to eat them once.
fast fast fastshare?crayoning

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