Knitting Adventures

Murphy's Law states the following:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  Also, all the sweaters Laura knits for Hazel will be at least 2 sizes too big.

You may think that I added that last bit.  Well, it's always been there, but no one cared because it didn't make sense until I started knitting sweaters for Hazel and they all turned out HUGELY HUGE.

Case in point:
Knitters, you might be able to tell that this yarn in super bulky weight.  I know – not all that practical for a toddler sweater, but I had 2 skeins from the first year I started knitting, and what else could it make?  I actually had to hunt down and purchase another skein for the sleeves, but that's another story.  Anyway, it's huge.  It's a parka.  For a three-year-old.  A big three-year-old.  It's cute, and I do like the big buttons we picked out today (even if they aren't spaced evenly; that's something else I can't seem to do correctly), but I wish it fit her right now.  Next year she is going to wear a hand-knit EVERY DAY OF THE WINTER.
Also, as a side note:  when I was trying to get pictures of her in this, which is much harder than it used to be when she couldn't walk, I made her wear a plastic cup as a hat.  She wore it, which is the funny part!
Also, she liked to bend her head waaaay down and lick the top button.  I mean, it's her sweater, right?  Mama's hand-knits are cool to wear in 7 years AND taste great!  

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