Oh Nikon. :(

Most of you know that I love me some cameras.  And that usually means Nikon over other brands.  Earlier in the year I purchased a small, pretty cheap digital "pocket" camera to have on hand for quick snapshots and the like.  It was pretty great, considering the price, except that I lost it somehow in October.  Since then I've been biding my time (you've noticed, perhaps, the dearth of new Hazel photos?  yeah that's why) until Black Friday.  I knew someone would have something good on sale then, and sure enough, Target listed the Nikon S203 for $50 off:

OOOHHHHH, Fancy!  
I bought this camera online Thanksgiving night and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  Today, BOOM!  It's here!!  I rip it out and start charging the battery right away. I mean, it has been a while since I've photographed Hazel, just because my bigger cameras are way more difficult to get out; one has to be put together, even, before I can use it.  Anyway, it finally finishes charging, so I take some sample photos just to get a feel for how everything looks, and this mess faces me on the screen:
Yes.  AWESOME.  This was taken in the daytime, albeit with a flash.  LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS.  If you like pixelated bullshit then this camera is for YOU!!!!
How did this camera get through production?!  IT IS TOTAL JUNK.  You can see the noise even in this small size!  I am so disappointed and upset.  I waited, planned, bought, and shipped this to my door only to use it FOR FIVE MINUTES and then pack it immediately back up to return.  I'll be going back to Target tonight and buying another camera.  
ETA:  Actually, I chose a 12.1 MP Canon Powershot from Target.  It has amazing reviews and was only a little more expensive (at about $130 on sale versus the $95 with tax for the other).  Also, call me crazy, but I like a little camera that takes double A's instead of lithium batteries.  I have a charger for double A's, so I just keep them on a rotation, plus it makes for a slightly bigger camera.  I don't like the razor-thin tiny plastic ones that are so popular these days (and that Nikon I just returned fit that mode too).  The new camera should be here next week, maybe even Monday, so we'll see how it goes.

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