Holy Moly! It’s 2010!

The New Year is just ringing in on this old blog, I'm afraid.  I know it's been a while, but I have a good reason – travel/Christmas/travel/workschoolbaby.  Yep, that is one legitimate reason!

We drove to Athens again for the holidays, but this time didn't venture further than the Target in Madison.  We had a Nana recovering from breast cancer & chemo, plus a new little nephew named Henry, so we kept travel to a new minimum (besides the whole 1000-mile trip down there, I mean).  It was nice, although we really missed Amos's family in St. Louis.  The visit was super fun in the family style – lots of Wii playing, baby tickling, and Henry-holding (for other people – I had strep AND a sinus infection for over half the visit, so I just stalked him from a distance).  Actually, we were all sick at one point or another.  All except Amos, I mean.  He seriously must have a secret treaty with all bacteria and viruses, because he rarely gets sick.  The pollen attack him something fierce, though, and I admit to laughing a little, because every sniffle Hazel brings home turns into the viral plague for me.  Justice!
But I digress.  I'm writing because I have about 2 months worth of photos to edit STILL, and now they include some Christmasy ones.  I'm just going to post this one and call it an afternoon.  This semester I'm taking a British literature course featuring writers from the 16-1700s and also a Chaucer course.  So, on a little break from Middle English (stretching on about 20 minutes now) I dumped my photo card contents onto my desktop, browsed through, saw this adorable photo, and started missing Hazel like crazy.  She was just so damn excited about this train, you guys.  She was FREAKING OUT in the store, and everything there was all "awww, look at that cutie!  Look at her sweater!  It must be handknit by her proud, talented mother!"  The last two lines may have been running through my mind only, I can't remember for sure because of the viral war going on in my head at the time, but that's how I choose to remember it.
So, blurry or not, here's a taste test of the photos I swear to Fred Sanford I will put up this weekend:

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