Almost past 18 Months

Why has 18 months seemed like a big milestone for me?  Oh, because after that she's closer to two years old, meaning she's more toddler than baby 😦

In five days she will officially be 19 months old.  I have definitely slowed down on the photos since she hit a year and I started school (coincidence?  no way!), but here are two more for you Hazel junkies.  Yes, I am speaking specifically to her two grandmothers!!  :D
Amos was being silly one night and made her a beautifully presented taco salad.  She just gave it the eye for a second, and then dug right in.  I am telling you, this girl eats!
I was taking some pictures of the new Nola's last weekend and took one of Amos and Hazel as a practice shot.  Luckily for me it turned out pretty cute, if a little blurry (this is my curse now, the blurry photo).  

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