Old Lady Crabble

Every year for Easter Amos makes "Old Lady Crabble" eggs.  The story in Amos's words:

"Old Lady Crabble was a mean old gal who hated kids and lived next to my grandpa, Barney, when he was a kid.  One Easter, when Barney was still young enough to believe in the Easter bunny, his parents hid the eggs early in the day and went inside to finish other chores before beginning the Easter egg hunt.  In the interim, Old Lady Crabble switched all the pretty eggs with ones she had colored by boiling them in a dye made from beets, coffee grounds, and nasty stuff like that.  By the end of the hunt Barney was crying and crying because all the eggs were black.  Old Lady Crabble, watching the scene, suffered a change of heart.  She walked over with a basket filled with the pretty eggs and explained that the Easter Bunny must have switched up their houses, since mean old ladies get black eggs for Easter.  To celebrate her change of heart, every year since we've made at least one Old Lady Crabble egg, which has become the most treasured egg to find in the family Easter egg hunts."
Every Easter in our house, ALL the Easter eggs are Old Lady Crabble eggs.  This year Amos had a practice run, as you can see by the photos below!
Old Lady Crabble eggOld Lady Crabble egg

Also, just for fun, here's a picture of Hazel eating her lunch (spinach & white beans) topped with an Old Lady Crabble egg!
Ok, since I have no internal filter – here's another!

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