Hazel has been saying (or attempting) a TON of new words, including the following:

    • bellybutton (she can point this out, too)
    • car
    • two
    • hello
    • Hazel
    • baby
    • Donna (her sitter's name)
She is so CUTE when she's trying to copy us.  Last night we were asking her questions which were all answered by "car," so it was really funny for us to hear her 'talking' with us.  Also, she has been showing a lot of interest in this baby doll that her Papaw (my stepdad) gave her.  This baby gets 88 time-outs a day, sits in the high chair, partakes of Hazel's graham crackers, and sleeps with her now (although cover-less; Hazel snatches the cover away from her every night and laughs like a maniac).
She is just growing so quickly now.  I thought, when she was smaller, that things happened too fast, but this is like light speed compared to those early months.  Seriously, I can't keep up!  
Oh, one more new thing!!  We live in an apartment at the top of a staircase, which we let Hazel crawl up and down when we are going somewhere (of course, with one of us behind her).  Yesterday Amos took Hazel to work with him (it's his Spring Break) where he worked with her on walking up and down the stairs holding his hand and the hand rail, and she was ecstatic apparently!  I can tell that she's thrilled when she successfully does something we do, and this is a big one.  :)

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