All Teeth Considered

When thinking of recent Hazel news, I realized that the common thread of this week's happenings all related to her mouth.  We have continually been in the throes of teething joy, which all you moms and dads and nannies and grandparents need no elaboration upon.  Hazel now sports four bottom teeth, four top teeth, and four potential molars pressing on her poor gums.  Daily Tylenol and wine help.  I'll let you decide who gets what medication.

The bad news is that she's starting biting people!!  My sweet daughter attacked a friend at the babysitter's house with her sharp little fangs a couple of days ago, and she *just* got out of a 10-minute time-out for nipping me during playtime this morning.  Are we entering the "terrible two" phase?  Does it really start at 19 months???  Ok, I know it does; since I got pregnant parents have talked to me about their kids' behavior, and how you really don't know how your child will develop and react.  The biting incident bothers me more than anything else so far, just because she's actually hurting someone else.  Hopefully we can nip this in the bud right away.  Yes, pun intended.
The last little bit of the oral trifecta I'm slinging this morning is the cooking lesson Hazel just gave me.  It basically starts with finding something in the kitchen and then putting it in your mouth.

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One thought on “All Teeth Considered

  1. Biting..such fun. So far our little Henry has only attempted it a couple times on me and when I cried out seemed pretty freaked out himself. He has been bitten a few times at daycare though. No major marks left. Just one of those icky phases. I am sure with their sore gums soft skin sure feels nice. 😦

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