Food, again.

I have been talking about food or teeth on this blog for the last 70 thousand entries, and today the theme continues.  Many of you know that Amos and I are interested in food, real food; he likes to make his own sourdough starter, and I like to make super healthy baby food.  For the past few months, as Hazel has transitioned into eating everything we do, the things we do eat that are unhealthy seem just so, so much worse.  We definitely do not give those things to her, but seeing her get upset about not sharing all that we have has made me adamant that we need to further refine the way that we eat.  Thus, I cook now.  The interest that started when Hazel started eating solid foods has sparked into a full-on blazing inferno.

Today's foray into the kitchen began when I read this cool recipe for the "Too Many, but Just Enough Ingredients, Veggie Stew" on one of my favorite blogs, "Healthy.  Happy.  Life."  I tried to make this last week and it was delicious; today I wanted to make it again with a few changes:  I wanted to cook the roux longer and slower, leave out the pasta and rice, and change up the vegetable a bit based on what we have here.
So, the roux.  This is difficult for everyone except Emeril, right?  
Is that a roux?  I cooked it forEVER, even called Mama for advice, but it didn't get darker.  Luckily it still tasted good. And, uh, yeah, that's Fleet Foxes.  I kind of forgot about the sound.
I took a few pictures, since I had the camera out and ready.
Veggie StewVeggie StewVeggie Stew

Hazel wanted to help, but she was busy eating the inside of a samosa Amos made yesterday with a side of graham cracker.
Later, though, we had some fun putting her doll's hat on and watching it fall to the floor.

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