St. Patrick’s Day Stroll in Clinton

Today Clinton had one of many annual "strolls," during which lots of people come into town, there's food everywhere, and Hazel and I walk around looking at everyone.  This stroll was the first St. Patrick's Day event, so it was a little confusing, but still fun.  There was a potato contest, which Amos entered by making his Uncle Charlie Brown's famous brown potatoes (yes, he for real had an uncle named Charlie Brown).  This recipe basically consists of pounds and pounds of onions cooked down into a dark brown deliciousness that we use to cover roasted potatoes.  Little salt, little pepper, and it's perfect!  He didn't win, however.  I don't know whether it's funny or crazy that a casserole featuring potatoes, cheese, and Rice Krispies actually won and his potatoes did not…you decide!  

Hazel in the park, walking around and watching the crowd.
Amos at the table, handing out potatoes to everyone (the pizza was from another person).
Hazel, watching the crowd and having a snack.

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