Easter at Tom and Bonnie’s!

We were invited to our friends Tom and Bonnie's house for Easter, and this is about all the evidence I have to show for it (well, this and the awesome smoked ham I have in the fridge!).  We all took advantage of this beautiful day and ate outside at their camp in the woods, complete with a fire, picnic table, and rocking chair.  Hazel had the BEST time walking around, up and down this step, showing off for all her new admirers.  Amos and I had a great time also, even though we had to stay back from the fire where everyone gathered (it was a little on a hill, so we stayed kind of far away, worrying that Hazel might tumble down over there).  Even though we cut out early because of Amos's allergies, we had the best time with those guys.  They will be sorely missed when we move to Alabama this May.
PS – I was showing Amos this video, and we just realized what she's trying to say.  Every night, when Amos gives her a bath, she helps wash her belly (and some other parts, but mainly the belly) and they sing a song we call "Soapin' Up the Belly."  Here it goes!
Soap, soap, soap.
SOOOO-apin' up the bell-ay!
You got to have soap,
SOOOO-apin' it up!
Let's all soap!
SOOOO-apin' up the belly!
We got to have soap, 
And go SOOOOO-apin' it up!
Nice, right?  I sing this pretty much all day long.

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