Doing What She Does Best

Which is play, play, run, be cute, play!

Since the weather has been awesomely awesome these past days, we have been getting outside as much as possible!  These days that means heading over to the village green to play on the gazebo and around the fountain; pretty soon that will mean turning Hazel loose in our back yard.  That's right – we are officially housed!  I am so relieved that we have found a place to rent in Athens!  This was our favorite house (well mine, anyway); it has three, count 'em THREE, bedrooms.  This means Hazel will have her own room!  Also, this house has a fenced back yard, which means she can run around and play more freely without me hovering, making sure she doesn't run straight into the busiest street Clinton can boast.  Even better is the location; it's behind an elementary school, on a circle with only one other outlet, and it's about two minutes from Amos's school.  It was at the top of our price range, but I really feel like we lucked out in finding a house so close to ASU and so fitting for Hazel.  Here's a photo that Mama took when she was cruising around finding houses for us:
Very simple, and of course it will look better when someone actually lives there, but I can't wait to get down there and fix it all up.  I am so excited to be living in a house again, with a yard, instead of an apartment!  Although I will say this was the best apartment ever; it's right over Tom's Natural Foods, which is the BEST store in the whole area, in my opinion.  
I'll close out with all the pictures I took of Hazel yesterday!  The first two are actually from Sunday at the playground.
Driving Mr. DaddyPlaygroundI found a rock.Running!Running!

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